Over the rainbow bridge

AM INT and NAT CH Calibre's Angel of Music

Chloe passed away May 23, 2007. She was another home bred Calibre Collie, CH Calibre’s Fallen From Grace,(Pagan). She is back with her mother Pagan now, who always watched over her. She was loved by many, and will always be remembered by all who loved her in and out of the show circuits.

This is an untouched picture. This bitch was incredible, you could stack her, walk away, and when you came back she was still in the stack that you left her in.

CH Calibre's Cut From The Finest Cloth

Tahari, sired by Ch Corjalin The Whitelighter ex CH Calibre’s Secret of Life.

I still put my hand down at my side and expect it to rest on your head. I miss your calming presence, and the way you used to come to the other dogs rescue when I would scold them for being rotten.

You were definitely one in a million from the moment you arrived…thank you for ‘The Dance’.

Calibre's Deja Blue

Woody passed peacefully with his friend and caretaker, Margo, in Louisana on December 23, 2006. Woody will be very missed by many.

Woody was sired by Hollyoak’s When The Thunder Rolls ex CH Calibre’s Fallen From Grace (Pagan). He is the litter brother to AM., INTL, NAT CH Calibre’s Angel of Music.

Ch Calibre's Double Exposure, HIC

Alexis is the litter sister to Rachel, sired by Calibre’s Double Trouble (Pete) ex CH Roc-Lane’s Cheranns Step-N-Stone (Rhonda). Alexis is also the granddam of Karma, CH Calibre’s Secret of Life and Kane, CH Calibre’s Unanswered Prayers

Alexis joined her sister Rachel, August 13, 2007 and left a huge hole in our hearts here at Calibre.

CH Calibre's Enter Sandman

Logan, sired by CH Calibre’s Father Figure ex CH Calibre’s Secret of Life

CH Calibre's Fallen From Grace

Pagan (CH Calibre’s Fallen From Grace) and her brother, Pete (Calibre’s Double Trouble) are still sorely missed at Calibre Collies. The two were inseparable.

Pagan was the dam of AM., INT., and NAT. CH Calibre’s Angel of Music.

Pagan contracted Mycoplasma bacteria and passed away after a three year battle for her life. How she contracted this bacteria is still unknown.

CH Calibre's Father Figure

This is the beginning of letting go, just putting these dogs on this part of the website makes me cry…

My dear Hans, aka ‘Uncle Daddy’, always happy and light on your feet. I missed you swimming in the pool this year and rolling in the water. I wish you peace my baby.

Hans was sired by CH Capella’s Midnight Blues ex Calibre’s Little Sister

Calibre's Kentucky Bluegrace

This was the new beginning for Calibre Collies. Gracie, was from a litter of ten from a bitch I leased, Sandland’s Good Vibrations. She was sired by CH Spice Rack’s Black Pepper. Gracie went on to produce CH Calibre’s Fallen From Grace (Pagan) and Calibre’s Double Trouble (Pete) who played an intricate part of the dogs you see carrying the Calibre kennel name.

Calibre's Little Sister

Weavil, you Goofy Bitch, 13 years wasn’t long enough.

Never will say goodbye. How do you say goodbye when you live on through your children? I still look for you in the yard to walk with me.

CH Calibre's Minority Leader, CD

Kizzy, you left way too soon due to a vet’s negligence.

Miss your antics, you reminded me so much of your father. Rest well little one, you are dearly missed and there are many regrets here.

Kizzy was sired by CH Calibre’s Father Figure ex CH Calibre’s Secret of Life.

Calibre's Pride N'Prejudice

Nigel, my Lexi baby, I am glad you were blessed with a long happy life as a couch potato.

Nigel is out of CH Calibre’s Double Trouble

CH. Calibre's Unanswered Prayers

My dear Kane, who never let me out of his sight and would go to the ends of earth to stay beside me. Always gentle, loving, and understanding and nurturing to the other dogs. Rest easy Kane 9, ‘TSB’.

Kane was sired by Calibre’s Pride N’Prejudice ex Calibre’s Little Sister.

CH Calibre's Uptown Girl, HIC

Rachel is the dam of Calibre’s Little Sister, and is the daughter of Calibre’s Double Trouble (the litter brother to Pagan) ex CH Roc-Lane Cherann’s Step-N-Stone.

Rachel died too young of kidney failure.

CH Calibre's Uptown Girl, HIC

Here’s another picture of my Rachel

CH Roc-Lane's High Calibre

Luci, she helped to start Calibre Collies again with the help of her brother, Zachary, Roc-Lane’s Wild Streak and Gracie, Calibre’s Kentucky BlueGrace.

Downtown Luci Brown is sired by CH Cherann’s U Smooth Talker You ex of Roc-Lane’s Violets Are blue. She was a beautiful sable merle smooth bitch bred by Karen and Rick Stone of Roc-Lane Collies. It was a pleasure to have been owned by her.

CH Roc-Lane's High Calibre

Luci Brown finishing her championship…..

CH Roc-Lane's High Calibre

Yet another Luci picture…..